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emmanuel depoorter film

The frameworkers

Animationfilm based on the book the frameworkers by Maud Vande Veire.  Animated by Maud vande Veire and Emmanuel Depoorter


Black and white/HD/ no sound/ loop/ 2013

emmanuel depoorter film

Walking, talking, bleeding and smoking

In this series of small sketches roughly sculped figures explore their bodies made of plasticine and their existance. Set in a scene of fibreboard and small scraps of wood this quest results in bodyhysteria, explorative violence, talking and smoking. 


Stopmotion animation/black and white and colour clips/SD/ no sound/ 06:00min/ 2006


emmanuel depoorter film

Eros Errata

Film and installation based on two ‘naked’ characters relating to each other through the use of objects and their environment.

Depoorter Emmanuel Maud Vande Veire/ Duration: 8min 15sec / Format: standard video / Year: 2008


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